Aquifer Drilling & Pumping

There is little to no regulation on industry’s drilling and pumping from our aquifer for free at the expense of  hazards to our drinking water safety.

Protect Our Aquifer is doing great work in this area, go to http://www.protectouraquifer.org/ to support!


Send letter to our friendly senators who working to help  Protect Our Aquifer:

State Senator Lee Harris


301 6th Avenue North
Suite 318 War Memorial Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243

State Senator Brian Kelsey


301 6th Avenue North
Suite 7 Legislative Plaza
Nashville, TN 37243


Thank you for your concern regarding the aquifer. As a citizen of Memphis and a lover of clean drinking water, I applaud your efforts to ensure that this resource is protected for everyone now and in the future. I support the creation of a regional advisory board charged with the safe and responsible usage of our most precious natural resource. Please let us know how we can be of service to you in achieving this goal.

I suggest that such a board ensure that public input is sought and heard. Future regulations should include the reporting of all significant withdrawals, and the public should be involved in establishing justifiable need. We all look forward to being more involved in protecting our region’s most precious natural asset: the Memphis Sand Aquifer.

Thank you,


Send message to TVA, who is drilling into our aquifer to save money at the the expense of creating a hazard for our drinking water:

TVA Board


TVA Board of Directors

400 West Summit Hill Drive WT 6

Knoxville, TN 37914


Dear Board Members,

I am writing you to let you know that I oppose TVA’s plan to pump water from the Memphis Sands Aquifer to cool the new TVA Allen Fossil Plant. Many thriving segments of our community depend on the clean drinking water of our aquifer. It is too precious of a resource to waste. There has not been enough study of the vulnerabilities present in the aquifer. We, as a community, have concerns about the contamination risks.

I do support TVA’s original plan to use grey water for cooling purposes, and I believe the additional cost associated with water treatment is worth pursuing. We do not want to risk our drinking water for the sake of cost-saving measures.  I hope to work alongside TVA to ensure that our precious Memphis Sand Aquifer remains safe now and for generations to come.

Thank you,



If you would like to work on this issue, or contribute too our resource or knowledge base, please email us at CleanWater.CoopMemphis@gmail.com