The Diamond Pipeline


The Diamond Pipeline is being built by Plains All American and Valero.

This pipeline was permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers before doing an environmental impact statement for the lands and waterways it crosses, or a financial impact statement for municipalities to know how much money they will need when the pipeline breaks, and with little publicity or opportunity for public comment.

This pipeline is being routed over Memphis’ Aquifer, as well as drinking water sources in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  In addition it goes under the Mississippi and Wolf rivers.


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One spill from the Diamond Pipeline on our Aquifer would contaminate our drinking water forever.


diamond pipeline mapIt crosses through 14 counties, 13 major rivers, habitats for 10 endangered species, 9 watersheds, 5 heritage crossings, 5 counties of at risk wildlife areas, 4 state parks and campsites, 4 AR “Priority Watersheds,” 3 Counties’ forest and waterway conservation areas, and countless homes and farms. They have used eminent domain for the acquisition of land.  This oil is for export.

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(PPT)Emergency meeting about Diamond Pipeline in Arkansas

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Send a message to The Army Corps of Engineers about the Diamond Pipeline:

They are responsible for giving the pipeline this permit.

Little Rock District Corps of Engineers

Regulatory Division

PO Box 867

Little Rock AR 72203-0867

Phone: 501-324-5295

Work Email:



Dear (insert name),

I am a very concerned citizen of (insert county and state).

Plains All American ‘Diamond’ pipeline is currently being constructed starting in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Plains All American is known for cutting corners and constructing pipes that leak.

i.e. May 19, 2015 Santa Barbara, California a massive oil spill ended the lives of multiple wildlife and poured more than 143,000 gallons of oil into waterways and the Pacific ocean. PAAP have been indicted on 46 criminal accounts including 4 felony charges and $3 million in fines.

i.e. Hiring Welspun for 2/3 of the Diamond pipeline whom is well known for their faulty pipes that leak. On April 2, 2016, a neighbor spotted oil along the side of a rural road surrounded by green farmland near Freeman, South Dakota, and told landowner Loren Schultz. Schultz took one look at the leaked oil and, according to a local TV station, called TransCanada.

A section of the company’s buried Keystone pipeline, which pumps crude oil from Alberta to refineries in Illinois and Texas, had been leaking for an unknown amount of time, and TransCanada had no idea.

According to a preliminary report, Keystone leaked that day because of a “weld anomaly.” VICE News has found the section of pipe that leaked was manufactured overseas in India by a company known in the past to make leaky, substandard pipe. TransCanada installed the section of pipeline in 2009 — the same year the US agency that monitors national pipelines warned there could be failures in that exact same type of pipe. Over 68,000 gallons of oil spilled.

Oklahoma is currently the induced earthquake capital of the world.

Diamond pipeline will travel through many rivers in Oklahoma that are already contaminated, through poor communities, and through Native American lands. The inevitable Diamond oil spill will cause irreparable damage to the rivers and environment in Oklahoma. I consider allowing yet another pipeline to be constructed, environmental genocide.

Diamond Pipeline will then continue through the entirety of Arkansas; again through many watersheds and rivers, through poor communities, through the Historic Trail of Tears in 5 Arkansas counties causing cold hearted desecration of the burial sites, and potentially ending the life of 10 endangered species in Arkansas. Arkansas is also home to the New Madrid fault line that can awaken at any moment like that in 1811-1812, causing catastrophic damage affecting many states. Adding another pipeline through this fault line, and through Oklahoma “the induced earthquake capital of the world” is nothing less than reckless behavior.

Diamond Pipeline is to end in Memphis, Tennessee at the Valero Refiner, going through the Memphis Aquifer again putting many communities at risk.


1, Can you please explain why this pipeline was approved without a formal EIS done, without the public being made aware and given the chance to speak up?

2, Why was a nationwide permit allowed for a 440 mile pipeline?

3, Why do pipelines mean more to you than the people you were chosen to work for?

Please do not respond with, “This pipeline will bring jobs, or help meet our local fossil fuel demands.”

I know that both of those widely used excuses are false. A very small amount of jobs will be permanent and the oil will be sold overseas to line pockets of the top 1%.

I’d like to remind you: Many environmentalists contend pipelines warrant stricter scrutiny than what’s allowed under nationwide permits. They point to incidents such as the 2013 rupture of the Pegasus Pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas, that spewed an estimated 134,000 gallons of oil into a neighborhood and creek.

The spill was among the more than 930 “significant” pipeline incidents that occurred nationwide between 2013 and 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Those incidents caused a total of 37 deaths, 185 injuries and some $980 million in damage.

In closing, I’d like to remind you: You were chosen by the people to work FOR the people, not AGAINST the people.

Sincerely, (insert name)