All of our programs and initiatives are based on a year and a half of outreach and research asking Memphis Citizens from all over the city: What kind of cooperatives do communities in Memphis need?

We are also open to partnering with other cooperative and collective initiatives.  Cooperative Memphis is here to be a tool through which groups and communities can work.


ROCK Stand  (Reorganizing Our Communities & Kitchens)

ROCKS works to bring fresh produce to neighborhoods in Memphis that are considered food deserts.

We have been working in the 38126 area as a fruit & vegetable stand.  We are working to start a grocery truck run and operated by 38126 residents.

FRESH (Food Recovery & Education Service Hub)

F.R.E.S.H is working to recover good food that would otherwise be wasted and donate it to people in need.

We have begun with a partnership with U of M’s UMpact Food Recovery to get donations.

We’re partnering with HOPE (Homeless Organizing for Peace & Equality) to get donations to the most effective places.


M.A.R.C.H. Childcare Collective

MARCH, Memphis Advocates for Radical CHildcare, is committed to creating and supporting movement spaces that are accessible, safe and inclusive of parents, caregivers and their children. We envision childcare as a radical act of solidarity that supports and sustains social justice work in Memphis.

Clean Water Collective

The Clean Water Collective addresses issues affecting out Memphis’ drinking water, such as pipelines.