Our vision is a Memphis where anyone, parents, caregivers and their children, can participate in social justice work. We envision child care as a radical act of solidarity that sustains work for social change in the Mid-South.



M.A.R.CH. partners with community organizations to provide free volunteer childcare for activist meetings and community events.

Often, there are no intentional family inclusive movement spaces and many spaces discourage participation of children and their caregivers. M.A.R.CH. aims to lead the conversation and promote radically engaging, compassionate, and safe child care. By supporting activists, working parents and organizers with childcare needs, we seek to center people who would otherwise play a peripheral role. Additionally, M.A.R.CH. strives to advocate for the comprehensive availability of resources supporting the unique needs of parents, caregivers, and their children in our community. Movements for justice cannot be successful until all people are invited to bring their full selves into the work.


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