Become a Member

Active Members have the ability to make motions for votes, and to cast their vote in CM’s big decisions. Active members either attend meetings monthly, or check in prior to monthly meetings.

Dues: Participation and/or Donation

Dues are pay-what-you-can with money or time.  We suggest $20 or 2 hours monthly.

Even $5 dollars a month is helpful, though, and we appreciate whatever you are able to give.


Donations can be made in person or online via this website via the Paypal Donation button.

If you want it will give you the option to have your donation repeat monthly of your chosen amount.


There are many ways to participate/volunteer: Act as a liaison and collaborator with another group, Volunteer for an event or action, Plan/organize an event or action with us.

Dues are self-reported. We will update membership logs at each monthly meeting. This is why it is important to attend or check-in prior to monthly meetings with their dues (volunteer activity or payment).

Attend a Monthly Meeting

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Call / Text: (901) 878-9814