Step 1: Assemble

Start a cooperative project in your community with at least three people as core members to lead your project.

Step 2: Develop

Make sure that all Cooperative Principals and CM regulations are understood and followed.

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Step 3: Show Up

Bring your group's application to a Cooperative Memphis Meeting and join the cooperative movement!

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Principals of Cooperation

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Incorporating as a Cooperative Memphis Project

We are a growing organization and are working to add more services to grow cooperatives and collectives of all kinds in Memphis, TN.  Cooperative Memphis exists to aid in the development of cooperatives and collectives of all kinds that adhere to the following simple guidelines:

-Cooperative Projects are based on community ownership/stewardship over a resource, activity, or movement.

-They must be Member-based, and membership structure must be clearly defined.

-If it is a physical location, the project must show outreach and research into the surrounding community, as well as cultivation of a relationship with that community.

-There must be a designated Project Representative who keeps the project organized, while keeping CM updated with reports prior to each CM Meeting.  This person is also responsible for getting financial reports to CM core organizer, and reporting any use of nonprofit status to CM and MSPJC (our fiscal sponsor).  

-It is expected that someone from each project will attend CM meetings.  If there is not someone from the project that can attend, it is the Project Representative’s responsibility to get an update to CM’s Core Organizer.

No known sexual abusers can be connected to any Cooperative Memphis Project in any way.

We suggest having 3 members of your cooperative/collective active in Cooperative Memphis’ Core Activities.  However, it is understandable if this is not possible.

You must have at least 1 active member of CM’s core activities (this person is usually the Project Representative, however sometimes another member might have to attend in their place if they can’t make it). The duties of organizing a cooperative/collective as Project Representative will take care of your membership dues.  Make sure this person is checking in prior to the monthly meetings, and participating in monthly meeting polls that determine when meetings will be.


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Why Become a CM Project?

Monthly Meetings help all groups come together to startegize and network.  Cooperative Memphis is a resource for all these groups.

Nonprofit Status helps many fledgling groups not have to go through applying for nonprofit status while also trying to build the group itself.  this gives a good jumping off point to new groups so they can hit the ground running with their cooperative mission.

A bank account will be allotted for the project, connected with CM’s overall bank account.  Project Representatives will be able to access the funds though Cooperative Memphis Treasurers.  

Only the CM Treasurers have access to Cooperative Memphis’ account. (We used to be able to allow Project Representatives access, but changes in Orion FCU have made this impossible.)  

The Project Representative is in charge of their account and must keep written record and receipts of all purchases and transactions. Any tax-deductible donations and grants that use the nonprofit status must be discussed and reported at Monthly Meetings.

Internet Presence 

CM Can blast social media messages

A page on the website is available.  We use a simple word-press format and you will have access to editing this page.   

Projects will also gain access to our google calendar, that shows up on our website, and is linked to Memphis Activism Calendar.

Application to Become a CM Project

Download, read, and fill out this application.

Email completed application to